OB-GYNS: Stick with CDC Zika Guidelines

ATLANTA -- The CDC no longer recommends serial ultrasounds to check for fetal abnormalities in asymptomatic Zika virus patients with a negative IgM test, according to the president of the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM).

At its meeting here, SMFM held a special session to discuss how the interim CDC guidelines for Zika virus may impact their clinical practices, …

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Bone Marrow Lesions Common in Young Adults (CME/CE)

Action Points

  • Note that this cross-sectional study found a significant rate of bone marrow lesions in the knees of otherwise healthy young adults.
  • These lesions, the authors suggest, may presage subsequent osteoarthritis.

Knee bone marrow lesions (BMLs) were surprisingly common in young adults, and were associated with increasing age and previous knee injury, as well as with increased …

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How Intuition Paved the Way for One Physician

The Doctor: Haywood Hall, MD, who works with telemedicine provider MDLive, is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine.

MDLive basics: Provides service via employer, health plans, and direct-to-consumer app, has more than 5 million members, and partnered with Walgreens to provide virtual visits via in-store kiosks.

Claim to fame:

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Amyloid Deposits in TBI Similar to Alzheimer’s (CME/CE)

Action Points

  • Increased beta-amyloid deposition was observed in traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients, with a distribution that overlaps with, but is distinct from, that of Alzheimer's Disease (AD).
  • The data support the hypothesis that amyloid plaque pathology is related to the presence of axonal damage produced subsequent to the TBI.

Patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) have a …

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D.C. Week: Obama Pitches $1.1 Billion to Fight Opioid Addiction

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration got serious about prescription drug abuse this week, floating a $1.1 billion plan to fight the opioid epidemic. The FDA followed suit, promising to overhaul its approach to approving, labeling, and monitoring opioid products.

Obama Pitches $1.1 Billion to Fight Opioid, Heroin Addiction

The White House pledged $1.1 billion to target the opioid and heroin …